“As a young boy growing up without a father, and being a former “little” and a former “big” myself, mentoring has always played a big part in my life. So when the opportunity came my way to become a board member with Big Brothers Big Sisters, I jumped at the opportunity. Knowing that our program has a direct effect on changing the lives of young people inspires and motivates me every single day. I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing program right here in St. Joseph County!”

TJ is married to Courtney Jorgensen and has seven children: Johnathon, 29; Joshua, 25; Joey, 24; Myah, 19; Isabella, 13; Alivia, 12 and Eliana, 6. And he is also a proud grandfather to Jackson, 2.


“While growing up my father was a person who always worked so we didn’t participate in sports together or go to games as I would liked to. But my parents did instill in me the passion to always help others because there will be always someone that has less than you. My fathers favorite saying was: Think like a master, work like a slave and this made me feel that part of my life challenge is to help others especially children without parents because I was blessed to have both parents in my life.”

TD is married to Stephanie Ball and has four children: Grace, 23; Cecilly, 13; Camille, 10 and Carson, 7.